Equity Value Roadmap

You understand the need for sophisticated, disciplined financial management. The type of management that helps you make informed decisions that maximize your long-term equity value. But building these specialized financial management skills internally is time consuming and expensive. Outsourcing? Not a viable option.

Until now.

Equity Value Roadmap from Corporate Finance Advisors is designed to give you the comprehensive, ongoing support and services you need for successful financial management of your firm.

Equity Value Roadmap brings numerous benefits including:

Access to Ongoing Financial Planning & Analysis support
  • All large brokers have their own FP&A staff – do you?
  • FP&A enhances but does not replace your CFO / controller
The tools & expertise to make more informed decisions
  • When and how much should you invest in new producers?
  • Is making an acquisition a smart way to build equity value?
  • What other key decisions do you make that impact your equity value?
Clear Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • Where are your profits being generated / lost?
  • Are your sales and retention efforts working?
  • What other factors are helping or hindering your equity value?

Corporate Finance Advisor’s Equity Roadmap Services provides you with the support and expertise you need to answer these and many other key questions on a cost effective and timely basis.

Extras that don’t cost extra

Equity Value Roadmap also gives you services that you’d normally pay extra for, including:

  • Effective, simple management dashboards to identify problems early, track key predictors of future results, and examine trends at the line of business level
  • An annual business review of your operations highlighting key aspects of your operation that add and detract from your value, analyzing key threats facing your operation, and concisely benchmarking your firm to others; and:
  • Continual access to experienced professionals who have the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you through key decisions that directly impact equity value.

Call us today to learn how your firm can benefit from the services of our Equity Value Roadmap service.