Equity Value Roadmap

A suite of essential tools and consulting services aimed at helping you build and execute a plan to maximize your long-term equity value and achieve your corporate goals. Click here to learn More

Merger & Acquisition Advice

Key advice and a full set of services for buyers and sellers. For buyers we evaluate potential targets and perform diligence reviews. For sellers we help you assess the goals and potential outcomes of a sale. And when you sell, we develop an active sales process aimed at maximizing buyer demand and completing the best deal possible.

Fair Market Valuations

Fair Market Valuations for use in ESOPs, stock options plans, private transfers of ownership, buyout of partners, mergers of agencies and compliance with ASC 805 and other accounting requirements.

Perpetuation Plans

Creation and execution of plans based on the specifics of your firm to ensure a successful internal perpetuation of management and ownership.

Key Executive / Producer Incentive Plans

Evaluation and creation of incentive plans to retain key managers and producers.