Robert Chapman, Managing Director

Bob has more than 20 years’ experience in helping insurance intermediaries pro-actively manage and grow their equity value and maximize their options for long-term perpetuation. He has successfully helped many large regional brokers improve their financial and strategic management and, in the process, helped these firms accelerate their growth in revenues, profit, and value. He also has extensive experience with all aspects of middle-market mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising and continues to work with many of the leading buyers in their efforts to grow through acquisitions.

Bob began his career as a senior consultant with a San Francisco–based investment bank and consulting firm that specialized in the insurance industry. In 1996, he founded Corporate Finance Advisors. He maintains extensive contacts throughout the insurance and financial-services industries and has published and spoken on issues relating to the acquisition of financial-service intermediaries. Bob has a B.A. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley and a M.B.A. from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.