Trusted Financial Advisor

You understand the need for sophisticated, disciplined financial management. But Achieving it internally is time consuming and expensive. Outsourcing? Not a Viable option.

Until Now.

Trusted Financial Advisor from Corporate Finance Advisors is designed to give you the comprehensiv, ongoing support and service you need for successful financial management of your firm. And trusted Financial Advisor is yours for a single economical monthly fee that’s one-third the salary of a newly minted MBA.


Most analysis shows your agency at one point in time with respect to one issue, like a snapshot. By comparison, Trusted Financial Advisor is like a movie: dynamic and continuous. Instead of seeing only a snapshot of one issue or point in time, you see how all your major operating and financial decisions interact to affect your operations and your agency’s value over time.

At the heart of the process is CFA’s proprietary and customized modeling of your business–the framework that puts everything into perspective. The model uses your operating budgets and assumptions to build five-year line-of-business projections that are updated every time you want to consider new:

  • – Growth strategies
  • – Compensation Structures
  • – Equity participation plans
  • – Acquisitions
  • – Personnel planning
  • – Capital planning
  • – Perpetuation planning
  • – And other key issues


Trusted Financial Advisor also gives you services that you’d normally pay extra for, including:

– an annual valuation report, updated each quarter or any time you make a major change in your business such as an acquisition.

– a detailed business plan for your agency-one with achievable growth goals and specific recommendations for achieving them. Of course, we update it on an ongoing basis.

– a business review of your operations highlighting key aspects of your operation that add and detract from your value, analyzing key threats facing your operation, and concisely benchmarking your firm to others.


Trusted Financial Advisor doesn’t just analyze your operations and create an ongoing business plan. We help you execute your plan, identifying specific steps you need to take to realize your goals.

Whether you dicide to grow organically, through acquisition, or by recruiting producers, we’ll help you:

    • – Develop an internal process to identify candidates
    • – Draft term sheets and review documents
    • – Make due diligence requests
    • – Analyze and negotiate structures

And these services are included in our single, economical monthly fee.

Call us today to learn how your firm can benefit from the services of a Trusted Financial Advisor.



In building several large brokers, I have worked with almost all of the well-known inurance advisors. CFA is the only one that consistently combines the attention to detail, experience, and in-depth financial analysis that are required to create an effective plan for growth. This combination was key to our ability to confidently execute our plans to grow, increase options for internal perpetuation, and enhance equity value. Working with them is like having a very sophisticated CFO on board.

–Bernard Mizel
Chairman emeritus
USI Insurance Services